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Israel: The Danger From Within

Nearly seven decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to overshadow the brewing conflict

DEA Has Spent 4 Decades Obstructing Science On Marijuana

Weed currently classified as Schedule I, which the DEA reserves for the “most dangerous” drugs with “no currently accepted medical use.”

Blackwater on Trial over Killing of 14 Iraqi Civilians in 2007

Dozens of Iraqis to testify over bloodshed in Baghdad that inflamed anti-US sentiment around the world

The Coming Digital Anarchy

Bitcoin is giving banks a run for their money. Now the same technology threatens to eradicate social networks, stock markets, even national governments.

Venezuela Sacrifices Drinking Water to Pay Bondholders

Venezuela’s $25 billion in arrears to importers has citizens waiting in line to buy drinking water and crossing borders for medicine

Black Hole: Billions of NATO-Dollars Unaccounted for

To no surprise at all a lot of money remains unaccounted for. Without any doubt, the blood of at least 1.5 million deaths that is also on NATO’s hands has something to do with the missing money.

Tar Sand Oil: EU Alarmism on CO2 Pollution Phantasy Contradicts the EU’s Oil Trade Practices

The EU is once again entangled in practices that completely contradict what the EU actually pontificates.

The Anarchist Haven – This Is Christiania

An anarchistic society buried deep within the system located in the heart of the Danish capital of Copenhagen

Argentine Vice-President Boudou Questioned in Corruption Case

Contract to print Argentina’s currency was awarded to a company he allegedly controlled