Alpha Truther: A ‘This is it’ Campaign

By Koen Jacobs for Alpha Truther

Today is December 11, 2015. A perfect day to launch what is likely to be my final campaign in this war of madness. The Alpha Truther website is where I’ll be publishing my reports and updates in the coming years.

My previous campaigns and website and blogs have served their purpose but as most of you know, practically all of them have been compromised – in that they are laced with others their deception. I have explained all of this before so for those of you who have been following me, you know what has happened and who the fake activists and “truthers” are and how their work wrongfully found its way onto my websites. We all have to learn the hard way I guess.

But then again, I didn’t want to believe that indeed the hardcore resistance is THAT small after all, compared to the co-opted side of the equation.

Alpha Truther is not just about my views and reports, it is also a venue where I will bring to your attention the work from others that I believe (at the time of sharing their work) are actually on our side and are part of the hard core – alpha truthers.

And that’s exactly what we need right now in order to take a leading position in this deliberate climate of fragmentation, alpha truthers. The ones who set the new standard for real activists, real “truthers,” bloggers, rebels and other associated radicals and freaks.

Where the Alpha Truther website and campaign will also be different than any of my other online projects is the offering of a membership, the Alpha Truther Membership. Exclusive intel for A.T. Members and early access to my updates and reports, up to 48 hours faster.